Here you can fill out a form to offer your finished work for implementation. You set the price, and we take 30% from it. We deliver orders by courier in Moscow and to the pick-up point in the Marshak bookstore, and by mail we ship to Russia and the world. We cooperate with "Subscription Editions" in St. Petersburg and "Nobody Sleeps" in Tyumen. If everything suits you, then write what kind of work and how much (optimally 5-10 pcs.) You want to give us for implementation. If possible, then with annotations and photos - so we will add materials to the site faster. If not, then it's okay, we will do it ourselves, but with some delay.

If you want to print the work in the publishing house Benzine_Press.ept, then put the mark "print". By the number of dots per inch, scans should be 300 dpi or more. Distribution conditions are negotiated separately, but standardly offer 50/50.

If you want to see yourself in the "Authors" section, then send us a photo that you like, links to social network and a funny phrase about yourself.

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