Vkus Bumagi


The most famous circulation graphics market in Russia. Held in Moscow twice a year: in winter at the Vinsavod Design Center and in late spring together with Garage Art Book Fair.




Annual international art book fair. Organized by Samopal Books. It takes place in Moscow.



GROUND Zine Fest


The first international zin festival in Russia. Organized by the GRUND Gallery. On it you can see the largest possible section of the actual zin culture. It takes place in Moscow.


Dvorovie Pravila


The market from the book corner "Lives and Works", which is distinguished by its brutal domestic character. On it you can find the most active conceptual authors of zines, independent publishers and bookstores. It takes place in Moscow.

Always organized unexpectedly.



International Book Illustration Festival. It takes place in Moscow. You can often find fresh zines of illustrators and designers on it.


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