Ben, what is zine?


Zine is an amateur independent limited edition print publication. This is if you like dry descriptions from the dictionary. In fact, zine is complete freedom of expression, which most often looks like a small magazine, but can be something much larger. Zine is a space for the realization of any plan: comics, illustrations, collages, photos, calendars, copyright texts about yourself, others, politics, football, music and feelings. Zines can be printed at home with a printer and not have much sense, but can grow into large intellectual projects with complex design solutions. All zines are united by the fact that the authors did them as they wanted, without censorship and restrictions of the publisher.

Why is it worth buying zines?


We can name several reasons:

 1. Are you in love. It is in this very zine. You do not need him, but you want him. Please yourself.

2. Zines broadens our understanding of books, they can shock with their insolence and freedom of expression, bewildered, make laugh from some dumb or unobvious joke, surprise with the very form of presentation. Have you ever seen three books of different sizes nailed to a wooden battens?
And we saw.

3. Zines can be a great gift when you do not know what to give. Your friend or girlfriend is definitely not expecting this. We do not know whether it is good or bad.

4. Zines are printed in small runs, so each of them after printing becomes a rarity. If you like to brag about exclusive things, but there is no money for expensive clothes, then this is your option. We do not blame. Well, only if just a little bit.

5. Buying zines you support an independent local culture, letting the author know that he does interesting things, and he, in turn, really feels it. Believe me, we saw a lot of happy eyes when we told the guys that their work was appreciated.


Bro, why not buy zines?


Finally xs, bro, everything, bye, we went.


Why are some zines so expensive?


If a small book is more expensive than a voluminous book, then this is not just like this:

1. The circulation of zines is always small, and the fewer copies you print, the more expensive the cost of one piece goes.

2. The price includes quality paper, printing, cutting and binding. If you have risography in front of you, then the price increases for each color, since they are applied separately in layers.

3. The author puts a lot of effort into his project, quite often he independently makes illustrations, writes texts, typeset, and if the concept requires it, he also conducts research.

Why are some zines so cheap?


1. The author could print it on plain paper on a regular printer fastened to ordinary staples, but with a fanatical expression.

2. The author could have underestimated the price so that you are more likely to want to read his work than he will get profit

from it.

3. We made a mistake at the cost and will sacrifice virgins so that the author forgives us.

I am a cool author, how to get to you?


Super! Provide a certificate of your coolness, fill out the form, and we will contact you. Perhaps even before you submit your application. Take a look, we are already behind you.

What are the conditions for cooperation?


Look, the author sets the price on his own, immediately laying in it our margin of 30% of the total cost. We deliver orders by courier in Moscow, there is also a pick-up point in the Marshak bookstore, we ship orders by mail throughout Russia and the whole planet. We also participate in markets and collaborate with the book “Subscription Editions” in St. Petersburg and “Nobody Sleeps” in Tyumen.

Ben, why should I work with you?


Again we can name a few reasons:


1. You have no choice. Your family is hostage to us.

2. Your work will always be online, we will make it additional advertising, we will carry it to events and send it to partners.

3. We build links between authors, readers and sites.

4. We often write about our authors, including, we have a separate page for them.

5. We have big plans and a lot of energy, our project is moving in big steps and is not going to stop.

6. We are funny. Join us!

Do you type yourself?


Most recently, we launched the Benzine_Press.Ept micro-publishing house to help authors print simple zines. If your layout is not too complicated, then we will take it.


Ben, I have an offer for you that you cannot refuse.


I’m all attention, my friend, I’m waiting for your letter to benzine.store@gmail.com, or write to me on social networks!