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It is impossible to make people love zines. But you just have to wait until they find out about them! That is why we, together with 2x2 TV channel, are conducting a competition for the creation of zine in the Universe of Rick and Morty. Anyone who can draw with their human or alien limbs can take part. If suddenly you can draw without them, then this also works, the main thing is not to tell us how you did it. Let's now tell you how to embark on the path of the great search for Sichuan sauce:

Competition shelf lifee: June 15, 2020 - July 15, 2020.

Store at any temperature, but avoid burnout of nerve endings.

Topic: Intergalactic TV.

This remained behind the scenes, but all this time Rick and Morty were followed by a 2x2 team and laid cables to create a huge unified intergalactic television network. And do you know what is most important? You are the very person (or exot) who will make up the content for him! You can draw any story or not use the narrative at all, but make TV the main core of your work, because otherwise all our clones died in vain and their feat will be forgotten.

Technical specifications: A5 format, pdf file, pages (minimum 8, maximum 16), quality 300 dpi, not using copyright protected images, otherwise our planet will have big problems.

Prizes:The winner will be announced a week after the end of the competition, we will print his zine with a circulation of 100 copies. (33 to the author, 33 to Benzine, 33 to 2x2 and 1 sacrifice to the pasta monster).

The second and third place (together with the winner) will receive the whole set of zines from the Benzine_Press.ept micro-publishing house and gifts from 2x2.

Also, each participant will receive a 4% discount until the end of August for all items from our store. Posts about how to make zine and what it is can be found on the wall of our vkontakte group, and we will also do materials on the official 2x2 website so that you probably make sure that the zine-makers are not practice magic, only fantasy is needed here, not a pumped skill .

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